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Monitoring Services

MeirHosting provides great value for money, quality web hosting for personal and business use.

We offer excellent service and support. We monitor our shared and dedicated servers 24/7. A server outage will trigger our monitoring, which then alerts one of our technicians who will attempt to correct the issue or contact the datacenter for further actions by onsite staff.

Server Monitoring & Administration Services

Our Server Monitoring comes free with our dedicated servers, but you don't need buy your server from us to benefit from this invaluable service. Our Server Monitoring is available for your own server, for only £49 a month.

Not only do you get this wonderful monitoring service, you also have helpdesk access to a server administrator for any admin work or issues you may experience.



Website Monitoring Services

We also provide Website Monitoring.

This makes a great accompaniment to our Server Monitoring which covers the server your hosting account is on already.

Although our Server Monitoring is a great response service for outages, it doesn't monitor changes to websites. We can monitor specific url's for changes or keywords. If your web site changes for any reason (hacked, defaced, database error, software error, etc) one of our technicians will log in and try to repair it and follow any specific instructions you provide.

This service can be used on stand-alone hosting for quick issue identification and deface removals, but is best used with reseller or root access and preferably access to a backup file.

Website Monitoring only costs £9.00 per domain per month.

This is ideal for mission critical websites and can be set up on multiple domains. Discounts are available for multiple purchases.



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Web Hosting

Chris Frost says...

"Having used MeirHosting for over 1 year since moving from a larger, more well known hosting company, the high quality of service and support I receive still continues to amaze me. MeirHosting are extremely helpful in answering questions, providing a personal one to one service, and providing outstanding uptime of their servers."


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Secure Access The Meirhosting Control Panel uses SSL encrypted access to keep your connection safe
Monitoring Services For Servers and Websites whether hosting by us not